ND Motors Servicing & Repairs offers car repairs in Blandford Forum at an affordable price. We work with a number of suppliers to make sure we can fix your car to a high standard. It doesn't matter if it is an electrical fault, the exhaust has failed or someone has crashed into the back of you. We can also (subject to notice and availability), provide courtesy Vans and Cars


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High Quality Car Repairs At An Affordable Price.


All the materials, items and parts used in the repair of your vehicle will be from trusted manufacturers and come with a guarantee, we don't believe that your car should cost you a fortune when it needs repairing. At ND Motors Servicing & Repairs we make sure your costs remain low but the work is of the  highest standard.

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Repair Warranty For Parts & Labour


ND Motors Servicing & Repairs believe in quality when it comes to car repairs in Blandford Forum. We will always explain everything that needs to be done, providing a friendly approachable service at all times. If you have any questions or need your car repairs explained in detail, don't hesitate to ask, our staff will be happy to help and will not make you feel foolish for asking.


Our mechanics are highly trained and experienced and they will only repair the items that need repairing, checking for any small problems that could easily turn into big problems in the future. We will go through the issues and explain them in a way that is easy to understand. That way, you can make the best choice and an informed decision.





A lot can happen to your car engine over the years and you may find that you need it to be repaired or rebuilt. When looking for engine repair and rebuild in Blandford Forum, you want to find a service that is affordable and will fix the problem straight away.


At ND Motors Servicing & Repairs in Blandford Forum, we offer a quality service when it comes to repairing and rebuilding engines. It doesn't matter if it needs a few parts replaced or you want to consider rebuilding a new engine from scratch.


Friendly Service With Knowledgeable Staff


The mechanics at ND Motors Servicing & Repairs are all knowledgeable and fully trained in engine repairs. Together they all have years of experience and will make sure your vehicle is back to perfect health in no time. We believe in excellent customer service, giving you a full explanation of the problem - our mechanics will physically show you the problem where possible and explain why it happened.

All staff at ND Motors Servicing & Repairs are friendly. If you have any questions at all, our mechanics will be happy to answer them. Contact ND Motors Servicing & Repairs today for any extra information you need or simply a quote!


Engine Rebuilds & Repairs At The Lowest Prices


Engine rebuilds and repairs can be expensive. We don't want you to worry about this or your finances, which is why we find the suppliers with the lowest costs. So you don't have to keep replacing the parts over and over again, they also offer quality performance and reliability. Our replacement parts will last you just as long, if not longer, than the original ones.


Repair Before Replacing


You don't always need a new replacement engine. It is possible to repair some problems, which is something we always look into. Before we recommend rebuilding your engine or finding a refurbished one for sale, we will source parts to repair it. This will not only save you money but also time! ND Motors Servicing & Repairs wants to get you back on the road as soon as possible with the best engine repair and rebuilds in Blandford Forum.

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Prevention is better than cure and its a lot cheaper - ND Motors Servicing and Repair can help you with all your needs  we also offer Courtesy Vans and Cars (subject to availability) 




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